Google Bert ranking system explained

Google bERT Ranking system

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. This is a natural language processing model created by the google AI team and allowed to be freely used by the general public in 2018

What does BERT can do?

BERT is able to handle various different tasks such as:

1: Sentiment Analysis: Analyzing reviews and feedback from customers such as positive reviews or negative reviews for movie.

2: Chatbot: BERT allows answers to chatbots naturally.

3: Articles Summary: BERT is able to make a summary out of the article. 

4: Text prediction: Able to predict the next word based on the last word. 

5: Writing articles: BERT can write articles based on a concept provided.

6: Detecting comments: BERT is able to delete bullying comments or harassments.

7: Text to speech: Make speech out of the text.

Why BERT is important?

BERT’s importance can be seen from its definition.

Bidirectional means which is able to read from left to right or right to left before BERT a language was only able to read left or right and some languages were only able to read left to right but BERT can do both.

Encoder means able to analyze text or understand the meaning.

Transformers understand the relation between two words such as names, or others.



How does Google use BERT in SEO?

1: Understanding emotion:

BERT is able to understand emotion in your content such as harassment or bullying.

2: Quality: BERT can see if your page provides answer the question you are trying to rank for. 

3: Entity: BERT can see if you are using any entity on your content such as Country, celebrity, brand or others.

4: Query: BERT understands the query of the user as it is able to understand the language and meaning of two words to show relevant pages. 


How to optimize your page for BERT?

Do not follow STOP word concept: BERT is able to understand the meaning of a sentence because of words such as to, the etc. Make sure to use full sentences everywhere.

Natural use of keywords: Do not forcefully use your keywords on content as BERT can understand emotion of your content.

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